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What Is An Impressive Logo?

LOGO is the most important way for customers and brands to communicate visually. From color to shape, from text to decoration, every element of the LOGO can convey information, which is why the LOGO is so important, even though it is small. But what kinds of  LOGO is memorable? The following five tips would help you.

1.Keep it simple. The simple LOGO design ensures that users around the world can quickly understand and remember the product you are selling. For example, no matter how the LOGO of apple is adjusted and redesigned, users can quickly recognize it wherever they are.

2. Clear design goal. Your LOGO should accurately and effectively represent the product. This is very important. Consider the color, shape, and functionality of your LOGO. Each LOGO should have a unique meaning.

3. Strictly check the color. Color matching is so important. It’s not just about the surface. Color can affect mood. To make sure the LOGO is simple and recognizable, there are usually no more than three colors.

4. You need a nice font. The good looking font will give your LOGO a lot of points.

5. Add some elements to make it have a soul, and resonate with customers. Every country has some representative things. When people designing the LOGO, some graphic elements or cultural elements can be added.

6. “hacks” — deliver brands and stories. A good logo can tell you something about the brand it represents, as well as the company’s story or history.

Take the eyelashes LOGO for example. There are some false eyelashes under simple words. What kind of story or message do you think that false eyelashes represent? Even if you don’t see it at first, it evokes a special emotion for the user. If a logo is relevant to your brand story, it will be even more memorable.