Faux Lashes at plumagelash.com for the most affordable prices. These are artificial and beautiful. Faux Lashes are very sustainable, durable enough to last for a long time and made to enhance safety. These.Faux Lashes are eco-friendly and are available in multiple designs suited for women of all ages.
Our Faux Lashes have various styles for your choose.Faux Lashes available are made from high-quality materials such as Mink fur, mink hair, and other distinct kinds of fur.Faux Lashes are made using 3D technology and are handmade, machine-made, and semi handmade with precision. All of the mink fur eyelashes are made by the sterilized cruelty free mink hairs. Each lash is cotton band that are very soft, light but keeps curl for more than one year. The real mink eyelashes can be used up to 25-30times with care. can go well for any type of makeup. Buy these fabulous products from the leading suppliers.

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