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How To Remove Mink Lashes At Home

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Hi, beauties! Here are some tips to help you remove your mink lashes at-home.

To see how to properly remove mink eyelashes, you can watch the video.

How to remove your mink eyelashes

Mink lashes have become more popular and girls are more interested in applying them to make their eyes look more beautiful. Today I will show you how to remove your mink eyelashes.

Prepare to take off your lashes

Mink lashes can be made from mink fur. Click here to learn more. Mink fur is an animal fur that looks similar to human hair. You can reuse mink eyelashes 25-30 times if they are kept clean and tidy.

You can remove mink lashes yourself by following these steps:

Step 1 - Prepare the tools

After wearing your mink eyelashes for the whole day, it’s time to take them off. Please prepare something important to help you remove your makeup, including your mink eyelashes.

You can use this area to prepare oil-free makeup remover and cotton swabs. Night facial cream is also available here if necessary. It is an important step in your daily makeup routine to remove your lashes.

Step 2 - Remove mink lashes

To smear your eyelashes, you can use a cotton swab that has been dipped in the makeup remover and rub it along the lash line.

You can then remove your lashes using your fingertips. However, you should be careful not to damage your eyes by peeling off your lashes. Only need to pull the lashes off of your eyelids by grabbing the corner.

Step 3 - Remove your eye makeup

To remove eye makeup, you can use the cotton pad to apply makeup remover liquid. Pay attention to the fact that the water temperature should not be too hot or cold. This will prevent your skin from being stimulated.

Step 4 - Remove lash glue

You can either use the tweezers or your fingers to remove any excess lash glue from the lash band.

Step 5 - Clean mink lashes

This is the time to clean your mink eyelashes. You can only use soap or clean water to clean them. Make sure you don’t get your mink eyelashes wet. After you’re done using them, please keep them clean.

Then, you need to return them to the lash tray and place them in the original lash box. To prevent any bacteria or dust from settling on your mink eyelashes, please keep the lash box or lash case closed at all times.

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