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How to remove eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can let an eye have spirit immediately, it is a kind of hairdressing method that is very popular with everybody, and grafting eyelash is to use a kind of black glue one by one stick on true eyelash, grafting process is more troublesome.

In the last article plumagelash talked about the detailed pressures for applying eyelash extensions, many audience advise that’s not enough, they want to know more about how to remove eyelash extensions, then when they decide to apply eyelash extensions they’ll know well about the full procedures they’ll experience. plumagelash do eyelash extensions wholesale for more than 10 years and we know everything about eyelash extensions, after days of clients review we now know well about eyelash extensions unload, so, we’ll talk about how to remove eyelash extensions in details as our gods require today.

eyelash extensions wholesale
eyelash extensions wholesale

How does grafting eyelash unload?

Step 1: Remove the glue from the cotton swab and make sure the swab is fully soaked, or you will suffer from not fully soaked and need handle again.

Step 2: Gently wipe the area around the upper eyelid with a cotton swab, then slowly wipe around the outer contour of the eye, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently make a small circle, the remover will slowly melt the glue.

Step 3: Gently wipe eyeliner back and forth with cotton swabs about a dozen times, pinch the root of false eyelashes with thumb and forefinger, grafting will be removed easily at this time.

Step 4: After we remove the lashes, wipe the upper eyelid with the remover again to remove the remaining glue.

Finally, wash the eyes and face with warm water to remove any residual remover.

Then the whole procedure finished.

Then you may ask how long can eyelash extensions last? When is the time that we should remove my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash grafting can usually maintain 4-6 weeks of time, usually, eyelash grafting studios or institutions will have a week of free eyelash repair activities, this time you can choose to repair an eyelash, but do not repeatedly to repair eyelashes because such to eye stimulation is bigger.

In many girls, eyelashes are damaged four weeks after grafting, resulting in uneven eyelash length.

Encounter this kind of circumstance, you should realize there is no point to keep existing eyelashes, plumagelashash suggest looking for the studio that you apply eyelash extensions formerly to remove eyelash properly, do not do it yourself in case harm your own eyelashes.

Also plumagelash had some articles on how to keep longer of your eyelash extensions, please refer to our former articles and find the solution.

Here easily speaking there’re only two points:1. Keep away from liquid in 48 hours, water, vapor, oil, cream… all liquids. 2. Don’t touch your eyelash extensions with anything, hand, brush and so on.