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Do you guys like the butterfly? Yes, I do.

Today, I share with you this adorable packaging for a lash box. It is printed with a butterfly.

We provide high-quality paper lash boxes that will help you save your mink lashes.

Yes, we offer a variety of paper lash box styles, including butterfly lash boxes.

Paper Butterfly Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

The paper lash box is the best-selling lash box, made from hard paper, and it’s also the cheapest.

Popular on the lash market is the lash box packaging with a butterfly script.

These adorable butterfly lash boxes are so cute that most girls won’t even say “No!” to them.

You can save your lashes from bacteria by purchasing a wholesale paper box.

You will receive a custom-made paper lash box with a private label to help you start your small lash business.

We have many fashionable paper lash boxes printed with butterflies templates.

There are many colors to choose from and several styles of butterfly templates. You can also choose your favorite cartoon butterfly.

Our random color is available for your butterfly lash boxes. It can also be customized to match your existing colors.

Wholesale Butterfly Paper Lash Box In Bulk

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

We offer wholesale packaging for butterfly paper lash boxes.

If you require it, we can print your personal lash logo on the lash box paper. You can also choose from your favorite butterfly templates to be printed onto the lash case.

We use advanced 3D printing technology to create the butterflies. This means that the effect is exactly the same as the photo.

Bulk butterfly lash cases are available at affordable prices and can be purchased in flexible quantities.

False lashes can be purchased with or without butterfly lash box. Or, you can opt to get them empty.

You can decide to match your lashes with the boxes you order to complete your lash order, depending on your preference.

Butterfly-Shaped Window On The Butterfly Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

You can also choose the lashbox with the display window if you wish to view the lashes styles inside.

You can customize the shape of your window. A rectangular or round window is possible.

We also see the butterfly-shaped window at the bottom of the butterfly paper box.

The butterfly-shaped window in the paper box is adorable and trendy. This type of lashbox is available.

Butterfly Magnetic Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

We also offer many different styles of butterfly magnetic eyelash packaging so that you can pick your favorite butterfly case.

The customized butterfly lash case is printed with your favorite cartoons and comes in a variety of colors.

The lash market is embracing magnetic packaging for eyelashes with popular butterfly-designed designs.

Butterfly Drawer Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Drawer eyelash packaging has also been a hot-selling product.

You can customize the drawer eyelash box with the beautiful and adorable butterfly, just like the magnetic packaging.

Online, you can find many colors and styles of butterfly drawers lash boxes.

Feel free to contact us to request your desired drawer lashbox printed with butterflies templates.

Acrylic Butterfly Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

The cartoon butterfly can be used in all kinds of lash boxes.

These are the acrylic butterfly lash box options that you can choose from. I also shared the post acrylic eyelash boxes.

Acrylic lash cases are also very popular. You can find the packaging for acrylic eyelash boxes at affordable prices.

The acrylic lash box with butterflies printed on it can be fashionable and trendy.

You can have your company name printed on the front of the acrylic butterfly mascara box and your social media links at the back.

Cube Acrylic Butterfly Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

This cube acrylic butterfly eyelash box is adorable. You can also save false lashes by using the round tray, which matches the shape of the cubic acrylic lash boxes.

The cube acrylic butterfly-lash box looks like a glass. The right angle shows the holographic effect.

I would like to send one cube acrylic butterfly eyelash case with my best friend and her favourite false lashes.

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