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Hi, beauties. Today I’m sharing with you my lash box packaging. Today’s share is the glitter eyelashbox packaging.

We have a variety of lash packaging boxes, but this time I will be focusing on those with glitter designs.

We are here! Here’s where I’ll show you every series of lash box with glitter surfaces.

Glitter Magnetic Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

We can supply the glitter magnetic mascara box. These magnetic boxes have a glitter surface and look sparkling and shining.

The magnetic lash box can be printed with your logo or brand name. This is a great way to market your lash brand and attract new customers.

There are many colors to choose from, and the magnetic lash boxes with rectangular shapes are the most sought-after. You can fit one pair of lashes in the box, but you can also customize the size of the box to save more lashes.

These are the features of the rectangular glitter magnet lash box

  • Different colors – You can choose from a variety of colors. Glitter colors can be chosen, but they are not required.
  • Different sizes – You can customize the size of your box by choosing how many lashes you want.
  • Private logo customization – You can choose whether you want to print your logo privately or as part of a brand name.
  • Design pattern – You can send us your own pattern script to create your overall lash boxes. We can customize the lash box patterns.
  • Different shapes – You can choose the shape you want for your magnetic lash boxes. We can supply many popular shapes such as square, rectangular, diamond, square, triangle, round, and triangular lash boxes.

These are photos of the lash box you can see.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Drawer Glitter Lash Box

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

We supply more than just the magnetic lash boxes in the classic shape. We also offer other types of lash boxes such as the drawer-shaped lash box.

The side-drawer lash box is available in the glitter styles. Here are some details.

  • Different colors – We support color customization, so you can choose from different colors for your drawer-lash box.
  • Different shapes – There are two options: the square or rectangular drawer lash boxes. The special shape is similar to the perfume bottle. It is possible to pick the form you want for your drawer-lash box.
  • Paper box – Because the drawer lashbox is not magnetic, it is okay to place your false lashes in the drawer lashbox. This will keep your lashes clean from bacterias and dirt outside.
  • Private logo printing – The same goes for the drawer lash boxes, but we can customize your logo printing with advanced 3D printing tech.

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