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Guide for Lash Manufacturer in Different Countries

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Let me share the wholesale mink eyelashes with you.

Are you tired of searching for the lash seller, manufacturer, wholesaler or vendor? This is the guide to the lash maker. I have compiled all the information about the lash manufacturers in the world.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

China is a world-class factory, owning the ability of manufacturing, and this is the data report showing you that China is the biggest exporter of eyelash and other products in 2018-2019, according to the eco website.

In China, Qingdao lash manufacturer is the biggest, and 80% of fake eyelashes are from Qingdao. Here we have the lash manufacturer Pingdu, where the central place for the lash manufacturers.

Eyelash manufacturer China is famous all over the world, and some world-class lash brands also import wholesale mink lashes in bulk from China.

Lilly Lashes LLC is a world-class lash company that also imported lash bulk from China, they have long-term lash manufacturers located in Qingdao.

We have our own lash manufacturer with over 50 experienced lash workers and artists, and every pair of mink eyelashes are 100% hand-made, with quality assurance.

The skilled lash-making workers can play an important role in the lash industry development, and here we have the ability to innovate eyelashes with many styles. You have more chances to find the best eyelash manufacturers & suppliers in China.

This is our a part of the lash warehouse of our lash manufacturer

We have 500 styles to choose from, each with different lengths, curls and thicknesses.

We can develop different styles over time. You should make a smart decision to hire a Chinese strip lash manufacturer to help you get the qualified lashes you need to start your own lash business.

You can find many Chinese lash manufacturers. We are also in the niche of low MOQ, which is great for lash starters. Start your trial order by selecting a variety of lash styles, then test the market to determine the most popular.

Our professional production line supports the one-stop lash supply. For your logo or brand customization, we have a high quality 3D printing machine that can finish the packaging and lash customization.

The Chinese lash manufacturer is very friendly and you can get many different styles of lashes at competitive prices. Contact us if you are looking for a lash manufacturer that is reliable and offers excellent after-sales service.

Lash Manufacturer USA

Are you thinking of opening a lash business in the USA? Finding a lash manufacturer that can supply you with lashes is the first and most important step.

To make your lashes with the private brand of an eyelash manufacturer in the USA, you can choose to use that private label. Mink lashes can be obtained at an affordable price from lash manufacturers in the USA.

This Top eyelash manufacturer in Los Angeles is available for you to take a look at. To help you choose the best mink eyelashes, I have created a list of top eyelash manufacturers USA.

Here are the lash extensions manufacturer USA, in addition to the strip lash maker. Contact us for more information about Mink Lash Manufacturer USA.

You can choose us as the top eyelash manufacturer in the USA. We offer a variety of synthetic and real mink eyelashes.

Lash Manufacturer UK

You may want to get lashes made in the UK. Here are some suggestions to help you find the best UK eyelash manufacturer.

This brand sells lash extensions. They offer a variety of mink collections.

TrustPilot has many positive reviews and this lash manufacturer is a great option if you live in the UK.

Yes, lashes are as perfect as their name. If you’re in the UK, then why not visit this reputable lash manufacturer to get your mink lashes.

It is possible to find the UK lash manufacturer in your locality. It is possible to locate the UK lash glue supplier by looking online.

You can also buy mink lash strips bulk from the UK strip lashes manufacturer. If you are interested in starting your own lash business you can go to the UK eyelash manufacturer.

You might also find UK lashes adhesive manufacturers that could supply you with lash adhesive. This is the special type lash, and you can also find a lash extension supplier Germany to help you start your lash extension business in Germany.

You can choose from eyelash manufacturer UK or Canadian (strip lash maker Australia), Canadian (lash manufacturer Canada, eyelash producer Canada) and Russian lash manufacture.

Lash Manufacturer Indonesia

You can find lash makers in India and Indonesia if you’re there. You can find eyelash manufacturer India, eyelash manufacturer Indonesia, eyelash maker Vietnam, as well as lash manufacturers South Africa.

These countries, including South Africa, India, Vietnam and Vietnam, love cheap lashes. These countries have a higher living standard, so you can export cheap lashes.

You can buy bulk lashes from an eyelash manufacturer Vietnam, especially in Vietnam.

If you are a fanning or extension lover, the lash market is very competitive in these countries. However, these countries make a much smaller profit than European eyelash manufacturers.

Lash Manufacturer Korea

Korean lashes look much more natural than the dramatic, strip-mink lashes.

Wholesale lashes from Korea can be purchased if you need shorter, fanning, or individual lashes.

Individual eyelash extensions are made from the soft, lightweight, imported PBT hair material. This is a type synthetic plastic material.

These girls love natural lashes with a long-lasting feature. Nude eye makeup is very popular in these countries, as the Asian face contour is more flat than the west.

Semi-permanent lash extensions are very popular and you can get cheap lashes from the Korean manufacturer to start your own lash business.


The common goal of all women, girls and boys from around the globe is to be more beautiful. Contact us for more information about the lash producer.

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