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How Much Mink Lashes

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Welcome to PLUMAGE Lash Blog. Today I will share with you how much mink eyelashes cost.

Prices range from 2$ to $5 per pair, depending on the quality of the lashes!

Apply lashes helps us to be more beautiful and charming. We all want to look like stars when we are out in public, to attract attention.

Popular are Mink Lashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Mink lashes are very popular and girls love to use them to create sparkly eye makeup.

Yes, mink eyelashes have been fashion darlings up until now. Okay, let’s talk about the mink eyelash prices.

Mink lashes can be 100% handmade by collecting mink fur from either the tail or back of the mink body. To see what mink lashes look like, click here.

Mink lashes have a unique and special look. They are imitative of real human hair to the greatest extent. This means that mink lashes cost more than other types of eyelashes such as silk lashes.

What Are Minl Eyelashes Made From

There are three options for sourcing lashes: synthetic materials, animal fur, or human hair. The majority of synthetic lashes are made from flexible, plastic-like materials. Synthetic lashes can be more affordable than those made of human hair or animal fur. However, they are heavier and more obvious “fake” due to their shiny finish.

PLUMAGE lashes are made from brushed fur from many animals, including horses and minks. Human lashes, on the other hand, are derived from human hair. Unlike synthetic lashes which are coarser and more difficult to curl, animal and human lashes can be curled easily. However, they can lose their shape when exposed to water.

How Much Are Mink Lashes

The prices of mink eyelashes will be a concern for all lash buyers. I’m going to tell them that there are many factors to consider. Mink lashes lengths can vary depending on how difficult it is to curl mink eyes naturally. You also need to know the nuances of mink eyelash painting technology.

Mink lashes tend to be more expensive than plastic lashes.

How Long Mink Lashes Last

Synthetic lashes won’t last very long. Synthetic lashes can begin to fall apart after just four to five wears, even if they are kept clean.

Lashes from animals and humans last longer. You can reuse them up to 20 times if you take care.

One-Stop Supply Chain Management for Mink Lashes

The manufacturer is focusing on mink eyelashes and we offer a one-stop supply for clients who want to purchase mink eyelashes. Our lashes are affordable.

We have sufficient stock of mink lashes in warehouse so that we can ship RTS (Ready to Ship) lashes. Your lashes can be purchased and received at any time.

Here’s how to calculate how many mink lashes you have:

  • Mink eyelashes prices – We can offer our lashes at the most affordable prices. Our mink lashes range in price from 2$ to 4$ per pair. Because the raw material for silk lashes is cheaper than mink, silk lashes are more affordable than mink.
  • Packaging prices : Many people like to purchase lash with a box. We offer many types of lash boxes including paper boxes and magnetic lash boxes. Magnetic boxes can come in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangular, or standard rectangular lash box designs. You can read my blog about the lash boxes individually.
  • Prices: We can also design custom lashbox packaging. This means that we will need to complete the lash box designing paperwork and then work with our script to create the lash boxes that you desire. This is creative and inspiring! We can usually do a free design to meet your requirements!
  • 3D printing costs: To help you get your design ideas onto the lash boxes , we can also do 3D Printing lashes . We offer 3D printing.
  • Shipping cost: We use DHL to ship your package quickly and safely.

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