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How To Apply False Lashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes To Beginners

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False eyelashes are an important part of your daily makeup. Good eye makeup can be the highlight of your entire facial makeup.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to apply false eyelashes.

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Prepare Your False Eyelashes

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To match your eye shape, it is important to select the correct false eyelashes. Based on your eye makeup style, you can choose the lash type, length, curl, and thickness.

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Trim Your Eyelash Strips

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To measure the length of your false lashes, you can hold them up to your eyelids. Then, you will need to trim your false eyelashes to achieve the right length for your eyes.

Sometimes false lashes can be larger than your eyes. To achieve the correct length, you will need to use the tweezer or the scissors.

This step measures the length of your false lashes by measuring the corner of the eyelash band. Then you can determine how much extra you can trim to match your lashes.

To avoid trimming too many at once, trim slowly to achieve the perfect length.

Apply Lash Glue To Lash Band

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Once you have trimmed the false lashes it is time for the glue to be applied to the lash band. You can apply the lash adhesive to the layer of glue slowly. Do not overdo it. Stick the false lashes directly to your eyelids.

Keep the lash glue in air for 20 seconds. It should feel tacky and sticky but not too dry or too sticky. Then, keep it closer to your eyes and gently stick them together.

Buckle The Lash Band Gently

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You can also use your fingers to gently buckle the lash band to curl your false lashes. It’s much easier to match your eyelid shape.

Be careful with this step. Don’t break your lash bands.

Look Down in Your Mirror To Apply False Lashes

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Okay, now you can just look in the mirror and put false eyelashes on your eyelids.

This is the most difficult part of false lashes. You can start by starting with the middle portion of the lash band. To make false lashes secure, pinch the middle of the lashband to your eyelids.

You must align your false lashes correctly. Practice this for a while to get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect!

False lashes should not be applied with your head raised.

Adjust The Lash Line With The Tweezer

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The tweezer can be used to adjust the angle of your false lashes. It is easier to adjust the position of your lash strips using the tweezer.

You can skip this step if you apply your false lashes correctly from the beginning.

Draw Eyeliner With The Eyeliner

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An eyeliner pencil can make your eye makeup more dramatic and striking. With the eyeliners, you will be able to see your lash band clearly.

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