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How to Apply False Lashes

Learn how to apply false lashes

It is not difficult to apply false eyelashes successfully. For women, false eyelashes are as essential and advantageous as makeup itself. The dramatic change in your appearance will be instantly noticeable. A dramatic change in how you appear in public will surely catch the attention of others, especially the ones who find your makeup a little careless.

how to apply false lashes

Your eye shape is the first thing you should check when you get out of your home in the morning. You must have a definite idea about what makes you look good or bad. Mascara would look great on a round face. Mascara in your outer corner would work well if you have oval eyes or diamond-shaped eyes.

Eyelashes should be watched. You can use three types eyelashes when applying mascara. There is the traditional Mascara, the Waterproof mascara and the Fake Lash Band. There are specific ways for applying each one so make sure you master them all. They can be practiced at your home before you actually go out.

The traditional Mascara uses either the synthetic polyester glue or the water-based glue. The fake Lash Band is made from a mix of glue and plastic, along with some silicone. Simply place the adhesive strip on your upper lashes, and then gently pull it off from the base. The adhesive strip may stick to your eyelash roots. It will make a big difference in how long and thick your lashes are.

If you prefer individual eyelashes, the traditional Mascara contains two different but extremely effective formulas. After applying all lashes evenly, the wet mascara comes in to play. You will need to dry the Mascara and then apply individual lashes. You should always look at online reviews before purchasing Mascara. Rated 3 is the best brand.

When looking for false lashes that come equipped with individual lashes, then you need to check if the adhesive is included. Some brands of mascara also include their own adhesive which makes applying the lashes a lot easier. Most mascaras only come with individual lashes, so you will need to apply them separately. There are two types of glue: one that is easy and one that is more difficult but very safe.

Sponge-on Mascara tends to crumble easily once they are wet. It is best to avoid them. If glue-on Mascara is used, first apply it to your skin. Next, dab the glue onto your lashes. You must carefully spread the glue onto the skin before it dries up. Once the glue has been applied, it will not stick to skin. Therefore, you can simply touch it to ensure your false lashes stick to your skin. It is imperative that you do not allow the glue to dry up for at least fifteen minutes otherwise; the Mascara will not be able to stick properly to your lashes.

After applying all the Mascara, you then just need to wait for fifteen minutes and then wash your face with a mild cleanser. Apply a thin layer of aloe gel to the outer corners of the eyes and between the Mascara. Your lashes will look longer and more fuller. You can also use the gel to remove any perspiration or water from your face. However, always remember that when you wash your face after applying a concealer and Mascara; your eyes should be clear and you should avoid applying any cream or gel to your eyes.