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How to Choose Your Perfect Set of Eyelashes

Lashes are a beauty staple that can make or break your makeup look. There are three main types to choose from; strip lashes, individual lashes, and individual flare lashes. These lashes have further classifications like lower, upper, full-volume, mink, and others. But how do you know which type is best for you? In this blog post, you’ll learn which lashes are your perfect match.

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1. Choose a lash style that is right for you

There are several different styles of eyelashes, such as strip, individual, and demi. The type that you choose depends on the shape of your eyes.

If you’re looking for a natural look, we recommend the individual lash as they can be cut and shaped to fit your eye shape and size. False eyelashes come in many different sizes and styles, so you can choose one that matches your desired look.

2. Find the best lash color for your skin tone

Find the perfect color for your lashes if you are using strip lashes. You can use both black and brown shades depending on whether you have dark or light skin. If you have medium skin, golden brown is the perfect color. If you use individual lashes, you can choose whatever shade best suits your look.

3. Discover the different ways to apply lash adhesive

There are a few different types of lash adhesive that helps secure false eyelashes onto your eyelids. The best lash adhesive for you depends on what kind of lash you use and the level of sensitivity of your eyes. Choose the eyelashes that work best with the glue that suits you.

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  • Step #1: Curl your natural lashes
  • Step #2: Cut the falsies to fit
  • Step #3: Add your adhesive
  • Step #4: Stick them on
  • Step: #5 Touch it up
  • Step: #6 Removing False Lashes With Care

4. Deciding between strip lashes vs. individual lashes

There are many benefits of using both strip and individual lashes, but we recommend using individual lashes as you can easily apply and remove them without damaging your natural lashes. They are reusable and mimic all-natural lash lengths.

5. Think about your lifestyle before buying eyelashes

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If you’re new to false eyelash wearing, we suggest starting with strip eyelashes as they are user-friendly, easy to apply, and inexpensive.

If you have been wearing false eyelashes for a long time, buying natural-looking individual lashes is the best option.

6. Determine what length of lashes will work for you

If you have small eyes, choose shorter lengths of lashes as these will elongate the size of your eyes. For women who already have bigger eyes, slightly longer lashes will create an even more dramatic look for evening wear.

7. Decide if you want natural-looking or dramatic lashes

You should decide whether you want natural-looking lashes or dramatic ones. Natural-looking lashes are sleek, soft, and barely noticeable. Dramatic lashes are thick, bold, and have a lush feeling to them.

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Choosing the perfect set of eyelashes can be difficult. When you shop for false lashes, consider what type of look you want and which length is best for your face shape. With the various options available in the market today, you will undoubtedly find a pair that matches all your needs!

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