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How to Customize Your Lash Boxes

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Do you want to start a lash-business?

False lashes have become the most popular makeup cosmetic product in the trade within 2 years. More people are joining the lash industry.

The lash box is an important part of the lash business. Most clients prefer to buy the false lashes along with the lashbox, in order to personalize their eyelash logo for lash branding.

These are the steps to achieve your desired lash look.

How To Create Your Lash Packing

  1. Shape – Choose the shape of your lashbox. We offer many shapes, such as the square lashbox, rectangular lashbox, square lashbox, round and hexagon lash boxes. The lash tray must match the shape and size of the lash box.
  2. Size – The size of your lash box and lash case will determine how many false lashes you pack. Also, the size for the lash tray must be equal in size to the lash cases.
  3. Material – There are many materials that can be used to make lash boxes. These include art paper and glitter paper, laser papers, laser paper, black paper, aluminated, iridescent, and holographic papers. These are all the materials needed to create lash box packaging. Some of these are very popular.  lash box materials
  4. Color – We offer many colors so you can choose your favorite, single, mixed, or gradient color for your lash.
  5. Logo – We can create a lash logo for you free of charge if you don’t have an eyelash logo.
  6. Combination – Combine all these design elements together to make your lashbox unique and special.

Today I want to share with you something basically important about the lash box printing technology. Here are many different methods for you to get the custom lash box.

Here we have applied some popular lash box printing technology to make a lash box. And I’d love to introduce some widely-used lash printing art.

Gold stamping

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Hot stamping in gold is a very popular printing technique. It can be used to print your private label or lash logo directly on the packaging of the lash boxes. You can use the gold foil stamping to print your eyelash logo on your outer lash box packaging.

Hot stamping is a popular method of decorating custom eyelash boxes. You can choose from a range of colors including copper, gold, silver and bronze.

We usually use the advanced 3D printer to create the custom magnetic lash boxes. This will help you to grow your lash business. We can help you print your logo on magnetic lash cases.

It is possible to do gold hot stamping printing on the clear lash box. It’s okay to print gold hot stamping on the lashbox with a glitter surface. However, it’s important to pick a background that isn’t too bright to enhance the display effect.

Holographic Hot Stamping

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Holography stamp. Holography printing allows light to be captured and later reconstructed using a skilled technique. The hologram, or any surface with Holography, can be obtained under certain viewing conditions. It is fully three-dimensional in all directions, so that movement of the head presents another aspect.

Holographic hot stamping technology is popular for custom lashboxes, holographic eyelash boxes are trendy on social media.

There are many options for holographic lash boxes, such as the holographic magnetic, holographic paper, holographic drawer, holographic diamond-shaped, and others.

The holographic gradient color and reflected light can be seen from various angles. This holographic eyelash box is very popular and can be ordered here.

UV Printing

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

UV printing, a digital form of printing, uses ultraviolet lights to cure or dry ink. Instantly, the ink can be dried or cured. You can also use UV laser printing to print your personal label or lash logo directly on the lash box.

The lash boxes with UV printing won’t fade in 2 to 3 years. It also has a long life span to keep the original look. You can order the magnetic lash boxes with UV laser printing surface to help you start your lash business.

UV-cured lash boxes won’t emit harmful chemicals. The UV-cured coating also protects the wood longer. The UV coating on this lash box is eco-friendly. UV printing art can be printed on any surface made of any material, including hard paper, plastic, fiber, and so forth.

Embossing Printing

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

The printing industry refers to embossing as the process of pressing an image onto paper or cardstock to create 3D designs. The embossing process can be used to create text, logos, or other images. Embroidering creates a raised surface with the design higher than surrounding paper.

You can also use our embossing technology to print your private label and lash logo on your lash box. The embossing technology will give you the concavo-convex sensation when you touch the lash symbol printed by the printing technology.

If you want a lashbox packaging that has a three-dimensional effect and is more luxurious than regular lash boxes, I recommend embossing printing.

Matte Lamination

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Another type of printing technology is matte lamination. This can give lash box packaging a sophisticated, elegant look. To give the packaging a natural look, matte lamination can be used. It makes it easier to read the text on the lash boxes.

The matte laminating is softer than the regular lash box. The custom matte laminated lash boxes can be customized with your personal label and lash logo.

The velvet eyelash box is comfortable and soft. You can also choose your favorite velvet magnetic lash container to keep your false lashes in.

Glossy Lamination

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Gloss lamination is a different type of lamination. It can be used to print a glossy, shiny, or glass-like appearance. This can increase the vibrancy and color of ink.

We also offer the glossy laminated eyelash box. The glossy lamination can improve the appearance of your lash logo and private label if they are not clear and sharp.

Semi-gloss or matte lash box printing looks more subtle and sharper. It also allows colors to appear deeper and brighter.

These are just 6 printing options. We can help you choose the right lash box packaging.

If you have any questions regarding lash box printing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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