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How to Put on Magnetic Eyelashes

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If you are new to magnetic eyelashes and want to learn how to use magnetic eyelashes in 4 simple steps, please visit, we will keep up to date with the latest trends related to eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes provide an effortless enhancement, but here we will break it down for you so that you can easily apply your magnetic eyelashes without stress. Let professionals of all levels increase the length and volume of natural eyelashes in minutes

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Using magnetic eyelashes takes some time to get used to, but once you master it, you will achieve impressive results on your path well. Just follow the following steps to ensure that the eyelashes blend seamlessly with the natural eyelashes and are flawless.

Before using magnetic eyelashes, apply a layer of mascara on natural eyelashes.

Carefully remove the upper eyelashes from the tray and gently place them on top of the eyelashes, making sure that it is as close as possible to the natural eyelash line.

Hold the upper eyelashes, gently remove the lower eyelashes from the tray and place them under the natural lash line until they are connected to the upper eyelashes.

How to Remove:

When removing the magnetic eyelashes, do not pull out the eyelashes directly, but use your index finger and thumb to gently slide the magnet away from each other. Then, you can put the eyelashes back in the package or put them in the eyelash box to protect the eyelashes until the next use.

Top Tips:

Before using magnetic eyelashes, be sure to apply a layer of mascara on natural eyelashes so that the eyelashes will be firmer. However, if you apply them directly on natural eyelashes, their surface will be softer, which may cause the eyelashes to slip.

Do not use tweezers to apply false eyelashes unless they are not metal, because the magnet will stick to the tweezers, making the application process very difficult!

Be careful when handling false eyelashes.

Magnetic Lash Hack

In addition to using magnetic eyelashes in the normal way, we also listened to customer feedback and decided to experiment on our own. A common problem faced by many women is that if they are not secured to the natural eyelashes as securely and tightly as possible, then the outer and inner edges of the full-length eyelash style appear to be slightly upward. As a result of our experiment, we found a solution!

Step 1: Peel off the upper eyelashes from the tray

Step 2: Using eyelash cutters, carefully cut the upper eyelashes directly in half, making sure that you do not cut any magnets from the eyelash band.

Step 3: Place half of the upper eyelashes on top of the natural eyelashes, making sure that they are as close as possible to the natural eyelash line.

Step 4: Cut the lower eyelashes in half, and then apply half of the used upper eyelashes.

Step 5: Use the other two half eyelashes normally, repeat the previous steps until both sets of eyelashes are used up.

Applying false eyelashes like this can be more securely fixed and prevent the inner and outer edges from sticking up.

If you are wondering how magnetic lashes are applied, or you have already purchased yours and are looking for a tutorial to learn how to put them on, you came to the right place! If you have not purchased your magnetic eyelashes yet, let’s chat about the best eyelashes for you!

With so many magnetic eyelashes to choose from, we know it can feel overwhelming. We have an article on finding the best eyelashes for your eye shape, you might want to check it out. Or, read on and we will give you some insights on what might be best for you, your lifestyle, etc.

Natural eyelash styling: If you just want to make your eyelashes look fuller, try baby, cheeky, elegant or wife lashes. Your baby’s magnetic eyelashes have a certain talent on the outer edge, which will give your eyes a little lift. This is perfect for anyone, especially those with more mature eyes and single eyelids.

Medium-strength eyelashes: To make your eyelashes look more refined, but not so extreme, try fashionable, sexy, flashy or flirty eyelash styles. All of these magnify your eyes in different ways, but they are more like a slender appearance, attracting people’s attention in a way of “are that her real eyelashes?”.

Maximum eyelash appearance: Want an extreme eyelash appearance? We totally understand! Try our domineering, bad-tempered, money and bouquet eyelash styles to make it attract everyone’s attention


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