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How To Start Your Lash Business

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It’s never too late to get into the lash business. In this current global pandemic, stay at home orders are the norm. Online lash shopping is growing rapidly, so it’s no longer convenient to purchase lashes offline.

Lash Business Market Value

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer has published data showing the market value for false eyelashes in America from 2016 through 2022. This data illustrates the growth in lash business development in America, which means that you have many opportunities to grow your lash business.

The pandemic is not the time to start a lash business. It’s the perfect time to use a professional lash line. This will help you connect with the public and share your lash tips.

Connect Professional Lash Manufacturer

You can launch your lash products on the market because of the huge market for false eyelashes. Start by getting a professional lash manufacturer .

We have the professional lash factory to create top-rated false eyelashes. We support private labels and focus on false eyelashes.

We also offer a wide range of cosmetics and makeup products. These include adhesive eyeliners and lash glues. All these products will help you to expand your online lash shop.

How to Start Your Lash Business

Today I will share the steps to start your lash business.

Decide What Lashes You Really Need.

There are many lash types. These include mink lashes fake mink lashes and silk lashes . You can also choose from mink lashes or faux mink eyelashes .

Find the Lash VendorS or Lash Manufacturer

To support your lash business, it is important to find reliable lash vendors or manufacturers.

The next step is to locate the lash vendor.

As one of the most reputable lash companies in the world, we can provide the finest mink lashes with personal label customization.

We offer ready-to ship lashes. You can order mink eyelashes in bulk to meet all your requirements. It is also flexible to customize your lashes. We can print your logo on the lash packaging.

It is unique and special to display the brand name of your lashes products. I believe people will be more interested the brand value and story than the product itself. Your clients can feel connected to your lash brand.

We are China’s leading lash manufacturer. We manufacture all types false lashes so you have plenty of stock.

Start the Trial Order

You can place a trial order at the beginning to get market feedback. The lash vendor can also provide the lash catalogue.

You can see our lash catalogue to locate the lash models that you are looking for.

Choose A Cheap Shipping Service

You will need to think about shipping after placing your order for lash. We have long-term collaboration with DHL shipping service so we can offer the lowest shipping fees.

Your lashes will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. The international logistics company can also ensure that the packaging is safe and fast.

Our lash packaging is shipped mostly by DHL. We also offer UPS shipping and FedEx shipping.

Warm-Hearted After-Sale Service

We want to help you get started with your lash-business. To that end, we offer a great after-sales service to support your lash business. We care deeply about your lashes and provide valuable support for your lash business.

Are you ready to start your lash business? Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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