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Wearing false eyelashes is an important step in your eye makeup. There are many types of false lashes available. Here are four types of false lashes you should know:

Invisible Lash Band

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Transparent with all colors, the invisible lash band can be used for both double and single eyelids. The lashes with transparent lash bands are ideal for natural looking eye makeup. It’s easy to use for daily makeup and you can keep the original radian of your lashes. Because the invisible lash bands are more flexible than the cotton ones, they feel more natural and more vivid than real lashes. The invisible lashband is ideal for Asians who love natural and light makeup.

Black Cotton Lash Band

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Also popular is the black cotton bands. The mink lashes can be used with the black cotton bands to create different styles of eye makeup, which will suit your needs for different occasions. You can create eye makeup that is dramatic and magical using mink lashes. The black cotton band can also be used as an outer liner. You can use it as an eyeliner to enlarge your eyes in a variety of styles. It is very soft and ductile, so it is not difficult to tilt. You don’t have to worry about edge warping or lash loss. Eye makeup can stay put for the entire day.

Woven Lash Band

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The woven lash bands are not as comfortable to wear than the cotton and invisible lash bands. It is more durable and can be used to create eye makeup that lasts for a long time. The scissors can be used to cut the lashes using the cross-woven band. Once you have made your eye makeup, stick the lash pieces to your upper eyelid, 1mm above the real lash line. This will create eye makeup that looks natural and vivid. You can decorate your eyelashes in any way you like, including volume, volume, fluffy, light, or thin.

Pre-glued Lash Band

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Pre-glued lashes are self-adhesive bands that have adhesive already applied. This means you can apply the lashes straight away, without the need for extra glue. Pre-glued lashes cannot be reused. You can use the pre-glued eyelashes to create new lashes every day. The pre-glued lash bands can be used for many years and are thick enough to keep them in good condition. To avoid glue drying out, keep pre-glued lashes in their original packaging. You now have an idea of the materials for lash bands. Cool, go ahead and make your own lashes!

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