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Get Your Lash Tray Customized Now! [Guide to Lash Tray Types]

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What Is Lash Tray

The lash tray, made from plastic material, is a holder that you can use to hold your lash strip. It is useful and necessary to maintain your lashes in good condition.

We place the lash strips on the tray, then we place the lashes in the eyelash box packaging. This is a great way to store lashes and protect them from bacteria and dust.

The lash tray can be used to place lash strips and it can also be used to store individual lash extensions. We will now discuss the most popular lash trays available.

Now let me show you the lash trays.

Clear Lash Tray


Clear lash trays are the most popular. You can place one pair of lashes onto the tray. Clear lash holders are made from transparent plastic material and can be used for many purposes.

The rectangular lash tray is designed to fit in the rectangular box. You can also customize the shape of the tray to match the lash boxes. There are three types of lash tray: the round, square, and diamond. You can adjust the shape of the lash tray to suit the dimensions of the box.

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You can use the round lash tray to store the lash trip lashes. It can be used to store foundation lash cases or round lash boxes. The diameter of the round tray can be adjusted to match the size the lash box.

We can also create a circular paper sticker that you can stick in the middle the lash tray. This is a great way to display your brand logo or brand name.

There are many options for eyelash trays. They can be made in different shapes and you can also make your own lash box.

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An diamond-shaped lash tamper is used to store eyelashes in the diamond lash box.

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Popular lash boxes are the diamond lash boxes. The diamond-shaped lash tray has also become popular. You can only buy the bulk lash tray and lash boxes together.

However, because the lash tray shapes can be adjusted to match the lash boxes, you will receive a free set of lash trays along with your lash box. That’s amazing!

Colored Lash Tray

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You can choose the color of your lash tray. Because they can be used in any style of lash box, the transparent and white lashtrays are most popular.

The colored round eyelash tray can be used to store false lashes. It comes in various colors, including pink, yellow, and blue.


Bulk Lash Tray For Lash Business

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Clear lash trays can be provided free of charge for false lashes.

These clear mink lash tray are made from environmentally-friendly plastic material. They are very durable and safe to use.

It’s lightweight and easy to take with you for daily eye makeup. You can also carry a few pairs of mink mascara in your handbag.

The lash tray’s shape is designed to match false lashes. This helps to maintain lashes in good shape.

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To protect your lashes, make sure you return any mink lashes that are on the tray.

If you are working in the lash salon, or you are a lash artist, you can prepare some lash trays for you to save your mink lashes, for your use at any time.

You can also get bulk lash tray at once, such as 100pcs, 200pcs, and so on. It is great for your lashes storage.

You can also choose a custom lash tray printed with your lash logo or private label for your lash company.

Lash Tray With Cover

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You can’t get mink strip lashes with any private lash case. However, we can prepare the eyelash tray with a cover.

The lash tray is designed to protect the strip lashes and preserve false lashes.

The clear lash tray can be used to get nude mink lashes with a cover.

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The cover protects the mink eyelashes and keeps them clean. We also place the lash tray and cover in a plastic bag.

It can take up to 5-7 days for your order to arrive at your door. This is why it is so important to protect your mink lashes from potential damage such as collision and high pressure.

Mink lashes have a very delicate texture, so a lash tray made from hard plastic can protect them from damage caused by shipping.

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The custom lash box case can hold the well-designed lash tray and cover.

This lashbox is different from the regular lashbox. It has full coverage and can be pushed with the transparent cover.

You have the option to choose from different colors and different styles of lashes. I love this cute mink lash case with full coverage.

This lash box looks special and luxurious. The method for opening the mink lashes is to pull them out. Similar to the drawer lash box but with half of its cover.

Lash Rray With Wand

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The lash wand can be used to brush thick, dense eyelashes. We also offer the lash-wand for clients. These are the two different shapes of the eyelash tray. We can place one lash wand inside the groove on the back of the lash tray.

This mini lash wand is super easy to use to brush false lashes. You can also bend the iron wire to brush your eyebrows to create a sculpted look.

Lash Tray For Lash Collection

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You can also customize the size of your lash tray. We can usually save one pair of eyelashes from the tray. However, larger lash trays can be used to save even more false lashes.

This tray stores the fake eyelashes and lash kits. You can choose from the 3 in 1 lash tray that holds 2 pairs, the 3 in 1 tray that holds 3 pairs, or the 5 in 1 tray that holds 5 pairs.

We need to create the lash tray that matches the lash collection packaging for the complete lash kit, which includes lashes, glues, tweezers and other lash tools. Yes, shapes can be customized to your liking.

Lash Tray For Individual Lashes

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The lash tray can be used to extend lashes. We offer several professional lash trays that will protect your extensions. You can store individual lash extensions in lash extension trays that are suitable for all lengths and thicknesses.

Now let’s talk about lash trays. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about the lash tray. You can also leave comments below to discuss the eyelash tray.

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