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Velvet Magnetic Box for Your Lash Storage

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Hello, friends! Today I am sharing with you the velvet packaging magnetic eyelash boxes for your lash storage. There are many materials that can be used to make lash box packaging. Velvet packaging is the most popular material.

What is Velvet Packaging

Although velvet can be made from synthetic and natural fibers, it was originally made of silk material. It is difficult to find pure silk material today, which is why pure silk velvet is rare. A combination of silk and rayon makes the most velvet material. Synthetic velvet can also be made of nylon, rayon, viscose or polyester.

Velvet material is soft and comfortable, almost like cotton cloth. The velvet material can also be used as packaging. It can be used for decoration, luxury gift packaging and jewelry packaging. Velvet packaging is versatile and can be used in many different fields.

Velvet Packaging to Protect Lash Boxes

You can also use velvet packaging to make lash packaging. Velvet packaging is very comfortable and well-designed. The lash marker is now also popular in velvet lash boxes.

This elegantly designed magnetic velvet packaging lashbox can be a great choice to store your favourite lashes. We have many styles of velvet lash packaging available in our store.

These are some gorgeous velvet lash packaging ideas:

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

This rectangular magnetic velvet packaging lashbox is deep navy blue. You can cover magnetic lash boxes with velvet, and the color of velvet packaging is also customizable.

You can print your personal label on velvet packaging. The velvet packaging is soft and comfortable to touch.

It is possible to design a fine lashbox packaging using velvet material. We can also add creative elements to enhance the eyelash boxes.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

This velvet lash packaging also includes a magnet lash box and corner protectors. These pink magnetic lashes are made with corner protectors of gold metal to protect the lashbox and reduce abrasion.

The metal protector covers the corners of the magnetic eyelash box, making it much safer for you to use your lash box packaging for longer periods. The corner protector can also be customized with a beautiful decorative pattern to enhance the luxury of the lash packaging.

Velvet Lash Packaging With Customization

We are in favor of customizing velvet lash packaging. Here are some features.

Different shapes

There are several popular options for velvet lash boxes, including square, rectangular, diamond, and custom-shaped velvet lash boxes.

Different colors

You can choose your colors! Here are some of the most popular colors: black velvet lash boxes, pink velvet, fuchsia lash boxes, gold velvet and so on. Our professional designers are available to help you design your favorite lash boxes.

Different sizes

You have many options for lash box packaging sizes. The size of your lash box can also be determined by the contents you wish to store inside. We also have an empty eyelash container and a larger lash box to store your lash tools.

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