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Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes from Plumagelash

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer
As the name shown, today Plumagelash will talk about magnetic eyeliner lashes as many readers strongly request this. It’s more and more known and popular with those who are not very skilled in makeu
Magnetic eyeliner lashes

As we had advised before, there is a new product of eyelash strips recently searched more and more, that’s Magnetic eyeliner lashes. As its name advised, the new kind of lash is made on the basis of our traditional lashes, to add 3-4 pcs of magnet on each lash, and then a magnetic eyeliner with iron powder inside can hold the lashes strong on the eyes, do not need glues but still solid well, easy apply and remove. Great for those who don’t know how to apply lashes perfectly with glues. No damage to natural lashes, no eye irritation, firm hold and looks good. And you even don’t need to buy eyeliner again. One set of the magnetic eyeliner & lash will easily make your eyes beautiful. Any style lashes can add magnetic lashes including silk, faux mink, real mink, and human hair.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Though Plumagelash is new for magnetic eyeliner lashes but we’re experienced in making natural lashes, to make good magnetic lashes you must have a good basis, that’s the traditional eyelash strips, we do eyelashes wholesale for more than ten years and we have the best mink &faux mink supplier and recently we also established the best magnet supplier to make the popular new lashes for our customers. All our customers will know Plumagelash only focus on the high-end products so if you’re looking for a good quality you mustn’t miss it.

Here are some advice on how to apply magnetic eyeliner & lash after Plumagelash technical team tested for times, even you didn’t buy magnetic eyeliner lashes from Plumagelash but we hope below tips will help when you doing eye makeups:

1. This magnetic eyeliner is added with 50% international SGS safety certification magnetic powder, so it needs to be shaken evenly and inverted for 5-10 seconds before use, so as to best activate the magnetic atoms and make the wear more firms.

2. When using magnetic eyeliner, it is necessary to evenly apply, especially the inner and outer corners of the eyes need to be thicker and wider.

3. After applying, you must wait two to five minutes for the liquid eyeliner to dry thoroughly before you can wear eyelashes.

4. After wearing, try not to repeatedly adjust or remove it. If you need to remove it, you can apply another layer of eyeliner to wear it

5. Only use cotton swabs or cotton remover with water to wipe gently when removing.

PS: eyeliner can be applied dozens of times, eyelashes can be repeatedly worn for 25-30 times if kept and remove correctly.

If you have any problems on eyelashes or more good advice on how to apply lashes easily and correctly you can contact us, we’re happy to share.

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