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Ribbon With Custom Lash Box

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This guide will cover everything you need about the lashbox with ribbon.

The lashbox is essential for you to store false lashes safely and cleanly. You can customize the lashbox with various elements.

Today, I am sharing with you beautiful lash boxes embellished with silk ribbon. They are luxurious and stylish.

What Is Ribbon Made Of

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Fabric ribbons come in a variety of materials, including satin, grosgrain and sheer organza. Plastic ribbons are typically made of acetate and polypropylene.

A ribbon, or riband, is a thin band made of material. It can be either cloth or plastic, and used for decorative binding or tying. Cloth ribbons can be made from natural materials like silk, cotton, and jade, or synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.

You can make the ribbon in a variety of colors to wrap gift box packaging. It is also a beautiful decoration that will enhance your gift.

Silk cloth is used to make the long ribbon. It feels soft and comfortable, just like silk. This ribbon can be used to decorate gift boxes. This is how you can decorate your lash box using riband ribbon.

Magnetic Lash Box With Ribbon

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You can decorate the magnetic eyelash box with a long, colorful ribbon. The long ribbon can also be tied to make a bowknot like a butterfly. You can choose the color of the silk ribbon to match the style and shape of the lashbox.

The ribbon magnetic lashbox is more beautiful than the one without decorations. It can also be used with any magnetic lashbox.

You can make your lash boxes stand out by adding ribbons to them. This ribbon lash box can be prepared for friends and besties with popular lash styles. I promise they will love them.

Drawer Lash Box With Ribbon

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You can decorate the drawer-lashbox with ribbons. These square drawer lash boxes can be decorated with colorful ribbon.

The rectangular and square lash boxes are shown here. Both can be decorated using silk ribbon riband and can be lifted with your hands while you’re carrying these lash boxes. That’s convenient.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

The drawer lash boxes are also designed with a short ribbon to make it easier to pull out the false lashes or push them in. The ribbon handle makes it easy to remove the false lashes from your inner lashbox.

This intricate design makes it easy to open the lashbox when applying false lashes. The diamond handle is another material that can be used as a handle, and it is visible beside the silk ribbon.

These drawer lashboxes come in square and rectangular formats and are all equipped with diamond knob handles.

This lash box can be used to store one pair false lashes, keeping them clean and away from germs and bacteria outside. These lash boxes are made from high-end hard paper shell material and can have different surfaces such as a coin pattern, a marble pattern, or crocodile skin texture.

Round Lash Case With Ribbon

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The round lash box is a short, cylinder-shaped lash case that’s decorated with a long ribbon. The long ribbon can be used to tie a bowknot and wrap false lashes in the round lash case. The glitter round mascara box with silk ribbon riband is much prettier than the regular round lash boxes without decorations.


You can decorate most lash boxes with ribbon riband without any minimum order quantities. Contact us today to request your desired lash box with ribbon-lace.

Our ribbon lash boxes can be customized to meet your specific requirements, including your private label, lash logo and brand name.

This is my guide to the ribbon lashbox that I created for you.

If you have any questions regarding the ribbon-decorated lash box, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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