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What Are Hybrid Lashes

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It is important to understand the differences between volume lashes, classic lashes, and hybrid lashes if you are new to eyelash extensions. This will allow you to make an informed decision about what to choose for your next appointment.

“What is the difference between volume, hybrid, and classic lashes?”

This comprehensive guide will help you decide which technique is right for you. You will also see photos of my clients using each technique.

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What Are Hybrid Eyelash

The hybrid style is one of the most popular lash options today. This blends classic and volume lashes to create a hybrid style that can be customized for your eyes better than any one of them.

Hybrid lashes consist of volume-fening lashes. Single classic lashes as well as hybrid lashes extensions can be great for those with short natural eyelashes.

Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume and classic lashes. They can also give you false eyelashes in a variety textures, which can make your eye makeup look more natural.

How Are Hybrid Lashes Different

Hybrid lashes are distinguished from other techniques by two key characteristics:

Ratio Classic lashes have 1 extension per natural lash, while volume lashes have many extensions per natural lash. The density of the hybrid set can differ between styles, and it all depends on what look you are going for.

Eyelash techs typically choose 50-50, 70% volume or 30% classic in a set. Sometimes, lash technicians will ask you whether you prefer the fluffy lashes towards the corners or in the middle. Each option gives you a completely different look.

You can create an open-eye effect by adding volume to the middle of your lashes. It will contour and taper your eyes if you add volume to the outer and inner corners.

Thickness – A hybrid lash set is one that combines both classic and volume sets. The thicknesses can also vary.

Your lash tech might use thicknesses as low as 0.07 mm, 0.10mm or 0.15mm for classic lashesthicknesses may be 0.03mm or 0.05mm for volume lashes. At Divine Lashes, we don’t usually use more than 5D fans for hybrid sets.

Who Are Hybrid Lashes Best For? Who Are They Bad For?

Hybrid lashes are best for moderately long, healthy lashes. Hybrid lash treatment is also great for those with weak or thin lashes.
Hybrid lash styles are best for clients who hesitate to try out the mega volume or volume lash sets. This is the best way for you to update your look if you are looking for something similar but feel comfortable with classic sets.

The hybrid set is a great opportunity to try out a little bit of fluff and add fullness during the process. It’s also more customized than either volume or classic lash extensions.

Cost of Hybrid Lashes

Although it takes less time to complete a hybrid set, the number of extensions required for a volume set is greater than those used in the classic set. The cost of hybrid lash extensions in the United States is roughly the same as that of volume and classic lashes.

A hybrid full set is $150 for a session. This eyelash treatment costs $90 at the lowest and $330 at its highest. A hybrid refill can be $84. The minimum cost is $55, but the maximum can go up to $210 per session.

Pros of Hybrid Lashes

What are the benefits of a hybrid lash treatment for you?

  • Not too complicated, not too dramatic: Hybrid sets promise a natural look with a touch of drama. They are wispy, textured, and suitable for all eyes.
  • The best of both worlds: This hybrid style combines volume and length. This style combines fullness with fine texture. Hybrid lashes will give you full, thick classic lashes.
  • This is a great way to test before you commit to a volume set. The hybrid can be an option if you don’t want the huge volume or feel it takes away the naturalness of your lashes. Hybrids are great if you don’t like the look of classic lashes or feel that there are gaps between them.
  • Ideal for people with lash problems: Hybrid is also suitable for people with thin, thick, sparse or weak lashes. Hybrid lashes can be a good option for sparse eyelashes that want to achieve dramatic looks.

Cons Of Hybrid Lashes

What are the main reasons you shouldn’t have a hybrid style of eyelash extension?

  • Experienced lash tech is required: Not all lash artists can create a great hybrid set. A tech must be skilled in both volume and classic styles so they can create a look that frames your eyes.
  • A high-priced set: The cost of a hybrid set can be higher than traditional eyelashes in most certified lash salons. They are more difficult to apply than traditional lashes and require more skill. Hybrid lashes can be cheaper than volume lashes, but they are also more affordable.
  • Long application time: The hybrid set requires the artist to create unique fans for your eye. It can take up to two hours to complete a full set, and some artists may even take three hours.

What to Remember With Hybrid Lashes

If you decide to try the hybrid lash look, make sure to visit a salon with plenty of experience in both volume and classic lashes. This is the best way to create the perfect look for you eyes.

If you have been wearing the same classic set for a while, hybrid lashes may take some time to get used to. This is a great option if you are unable to decide between volume or classic lashes. It gives you an intermediate look.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

The hybrid lash extensions are more durable than the traditional strip lashes. They can last up to 8-10 weeks. You will need to refill them until your natural lashes grow. Lashes extensions will eventually fall.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Take to Apply?

You can visit the beauty salon regularly to have lash artists and professional lash specialists do your lashes. The lash extensions can take up to 2 hours.

It is important to choose a lash artist with rich experience. Lash extensions can be maintained for longer periods until your lashes grow naturally.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

The lash extensions will naturally fade over time until your natural lashes develop. Therefore, you should refill your lash extensions every 2 to 3 weeks.

To get rid of lash extension shedding, I recommend you visit the same beauty salon that did your lash extensions to replenish your individual lashes. Keep your false eyelashes full and volumized.

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes require the most basic technique for lash extensions. This is the first technique that lash artists should use.

Only one lash extension is required for each natural lash.

The classic lashes look more natural. However, for dramatic makeup effects, thicker and longer extensions are better.

If you’re the first person to try lash extensions, I recommend you start with the classic lashes. Then you can experiment with different lash styles.

How Are Classic Lashes Different

Two key characteristics that distinguish classic lashes from other styles are:

Ratio Classic eyelash extensions use a ratio of 1:1. This means that one eyelash is added to each natural lash in order to fill the lash line. The overall effect is natural because it’s just one artificial lash placed on a natural eyelash.

An eye typically has between 90 and 150 natural lashes [1]. This means that extensions of 80 to 100 eyelashes may be possible. It all depends on the thickness of your natural lashes and how long you want them to be.

Thickness This refers to the thickness of an eyelash extension. There are many sizes available for classic styles today, including 0.10mm and 0.12mm0.15mm is the largest.

Here’s an example of how one lash extension weighs in relation to its thickness.

  • 0.07 mm equals 0.00006 g
  • 0.10 mm equals 0.00010 grams
  • 0.12 mm equals 0.00013 g
  • 0.15 mm equals 0.00015 grams
  • 0.18 mm equals 0.00025 g
  • 0.20mm = 0.00030 g

Thicker extensions might be suitable for those who have thick, strong lashes. The extensions’ weight will increase as the extensions get thicker. Divine Lashes never uses eyelash extensions that are more than 0.15mm thick.

Why is this concept so important

Your natural lashes are unable to support extra weight. If you exceed that weight, your lashes won’t be able to support it.

An extension that is too heavy to be applied on the natural lash will result in a distorted and unnatural look. The natural lashes can be damaged and may shed before the extension is applied.

This article explains how eyelash extensions can damage natural eyelashes . This article will provide more information.

Who Are Classic Lashes Best For? Who Are They Bad For?

The original style of eyelash extension was classic false lashes. They are still very popular. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to get eyelash extensions as a beginner.

This type of false lashes is great for people with thick, natural eyelashes. This style is great for people with thick natural eyelashes.

People who don’t want extensions that are too obvious or fancy can opt for the classic set of eyelashes. It’s also known as the “no-extensions” or “natural look”.

Talk to your lash tech if you are interested in adding extreme curl or length to your natural lashes. There are many options, as you can see in this article about classic glamour sets at Divine Lashes.

If you have very few natural lashes, the classic set may look sloppy. Volume lashes are more appropriate in such cases.

You can find volume lashes information below, so please keep reading!

Cost of Classic Lashes

A classic lash extension set’s cost varies from one salon to the next.
In fact, I did a case study in which I collected pricing data from dozens eyelash salons across the U.S. To find out the cost of eyelash extensions.

The average price for a full set of classic lashes was $154. However, the minimum rate is $70 while the maximum is $355. Classic refills cost $61 on average with a minimum of $30 and maximum price of $140.

Pros of Classic Lashes

What are the benefits of classic lash extensions and what are they?

  • Fastest: Lash technicians only need to attach one extension per natural eyelash for the classic set, unlike volume lashes and hybrid lashes. This allows an experienced artist to save time and get the job done quickly.
  • The cheapest: In terms of total eyelash extensions, the classic set has the lowest number of extensions. Volume and hybrid however use twice or three times as many extensions.

The combination of the lower cost of materials (less synthetic lashes) and the simpler technique results in classic lashes being more affordable than volume or hybrid lashes.

The classic set is the best option if you don’t want to spend too much on your lashes.

  • Natural:This extension has the best advantage. The classic set is the best choice if you are looking for natural eyelash extensions.
  • Most available: A classic set is the first thing that most lash technicians learn. This style can be done at any salon or certified lash artist who offers it.
  • Soft look This classic style is 1:1. It extends a natural lash to give your lashes a fuller look. This style adds length to your eyelashes.
  • Great for everyday wear: Classic eyelash extensions are great for work, home, cooking, cleaning and just about anywhere else.
  • Most comfortable: It might seem more convenient to have one extension per eyelash rather than sixteen on all your natural lashes. No matter what style you choose, an eyelash artist will attach extensions equal to a healthy weight per natural eyelash.

Cons of Classic Lashes

What are the drawbacks of traditional eyelash extensions?

  • Common: The classic set of extensions is probably the most common and fundamental treatment for eyelash extensions. However, this doesn’t make it any less customizable. The classic set includes styles such as cat eye, dolly and natural sweep.
  • Not fluffy enough: While the classic style looks natural, it isn’t full-fledged or voluminous like volume or hybrid eyelash extension.
  • Not for everyone: Traditional eyelash extensions may not be the best choice for you if your eyelashes are thin or weak. It’s difficult to fill in all the gaps with extensions.

What to Remember When Getting Classic Lashes

If you are going for the classic set, it is important to enhance the length of your natural eyelashes. This gives the illusion of longer lashes while still looking natural.

If you are going for the classic set, it is important to enhance the length of your natural eyelashes. This gives the illusion of longer lashes while still looking natural.

It is still the most used technique by lash artists and salons to this day.

No matter what style of eyelash extension you choose, make sure you verify the credentials of the person giving it.

Ask for references from clients and spend time interviewing potential lash artists. The right person will offer the treatment, but also provide after-care products and advice.

What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes are more complicated than classic lashes. You will need to use multiple lash extensions on one natural lash.

Volume lashes are a step above traditional lashes that have volume and fluff. They can be sophisticated, but they also guarantee dramatic looks. After the Russian Volume, it was created. This style gives your eyes a youthful and vibrant appearance.

A volume eyelash extension uses more than one extension per natural eyelash. This is what’s known as a “volume fan”. It can be either a volume fan, or a mega-volume fan depending on how many fans are used.

The lash extensions may be thinner so that they don’t strain your natural lashes. You should also know about the specifications for the lash extensions and fanning lash.

To create the volume effect, you can use lash extensions in a range of 2D to 15D per natural lash. You can also choose the common range to build your volume lash kit. D refers to the number of lash roots that can be applied per natural eyelash.

Volume lashes are a great way to achieve dramatic, fuller and fluffier lashes.

How Are Volume Lashes Different

Two key characteristics that distinguish volume lashes from other techniques are:
Ratio Volume eyelash extension are applied at the to ratio. This means that multiple eyelash extensions can be added to one natural lash. Before being applied to your natural eyelash, the eyelash extensions are packaged together in a fan.

A lash technician uses 2-16 lashes per fan for individual lashes . You can choose the volume you desire. You can refer to the total number of extensions per fan as: 2D, 3D 5, 7D 7, 10D, etc.

This is how it looks in action. On the left you can see a single extension attached on a natural lash. You will see a 4D fan attached at the natural lash.

Thickness A volume set contains multiple lash extensions for each fan. The thickness of each extension in a volume set is usually less than that of a traditional set.
For standard volume sets, Lash techs use false lashes in sizes 0.05 to 0.07 mm and 0.03 – 0.05 mm. A 10D fan could use extensions of 0.03mm, a 4D fan may use 0.05mm, and a 2D fan extension of 0.07mm.
Your natural eyelashes’ strength will determine the total weight of the fan. Your natural eyelashes may be damaged if the fan is too heavy.
In the article “Mega Volume Lashes vs Volume Lashes” on I shared a detailed example of how to calculate the maximum weight that a volume fan can support.

Who Are Volume Lashes Best For? Who Are They Bad For?

Volume lashes are a special type of voluminous and fluffy lashes that have been popular for over two decades. It is preferred by most clients for special occasions like weddings and proms.
Volume lashes are best for people who prefer glam makeup over natural lashes. Volume lashes can be used if your eyelashes are thin or weak.

Volume extensions are preferred by those who prefer the classic style to their stub lashes.

Classic lashes are a better choice if you want a natural look with a touch of “je ne sais quoi”.

Cost of Volume Lashes

Volume sets are more expensive than classic sets because they take longer to complete. Volume lash extensions are not something that every lash technician is skilled at. Volume eyelash extensions are a complex skill and require a lot of experience.
It costs $210 in the US for a complete set. Volume eyelash extensions cost $103, with the highest being $300. The average rate for a refill is $75, but that’s only if you want to get volume eyelash extensions. The minimum price for a volume refill is $30, and the maximum is $255.

You can find out more about these numbers by going to the case study. I collected pricing data from many eyelash salons in the U.S. here.

Pros of Volume Lashes

Why choose volume lash style when you can get eyelash extensions in a longer length?

  • Extraordinary look: Volume and mega volume sets can be used for special occasions when you want to look extraordinary. This is a very popular look for brides because volume lashes can last from the bachelorette to the honeymoon and many more.
  • Add a dash of drama: Volume lashes can make your eyes appear dramatic. It is important to communicate your vision to the lash tech to make your eyes appear as dramatic as possible.
  • Fuller lashes: There are several lash fans that can be attached to each natural lash. This is useful for filling in any lashes that are missing. The result is beautiful, full lashes that look natural and flawless.

Cons of Volume Lashes

You can choose volume style for your eyelash extensions.

  • Long process: Volume eyelashes require fans to be created before they can be applied to your natural eyelash. It is difficult to make a new fan and volume sets require a lot of people. It takes longer to apply them than the classic lash set.
  • Might be too much: Volume and mega volume may not work for everyone. Volume lashes don’t work well in a lot of professional settings, unlike classic lashes. Volume eyelash extensions might not be acceptable for those working in the food industry or nurses.
  • Most artists aren’t experienced: Volume lash extensions treatment requires further training and is not offered by every artist. Many artists don’t have the experience to do this set properly, such as how to keep fans’ weight down. This can be avoided by hiring a lash artist who is experienced.
  • Expensive: Because it requires more lash extensions and energy as well as skill, a volume set is 1.5x more costly than the classic set. It can be done once and then you can return to the classic or hybrid set.

What to Remember With Volume Lashes

You should first consult a certified artist if you have any questions about whether the fans in the volume lash sets can cause damage to your natural lashes.

In essence, licensed lash technicians have their own fans. Clusters of pre-made or promade fans can cause lash loss and weigh down your natural lashes. Clusters and pro-made lashes are not recommended by most lash artists.

An experienced artist will ensure that your fans are freshly made and at the right weight to suit your natural lashes. The lash artist can also create custom-made fans to suit your needs for the perfect look.


It’s much harder to apply hybrid lashes or styles of lash extension. You should visit a beauty salon to find a skilled lash artist who has extensive experience with lash extensions.

To ensure that the raw materials of the hybrid lashes are safe for your health, it is possible to do an allergy test before you apply for lash extensions or individual lashes.

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