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Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Mink Eyelashes have become popular. They’re mink fur that’s been shaved off a mink’s body that are then glued in strands to a human’s eyelashes for a “fuller and thicker” look.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

You want to choose poor quality lashes or cheap mink lashes, your mink eyelash business will only be a small business, there will not never have own a brand.

If you are just starting your the good mink eyelash business, it is especially important for you to choose the right supplier. Mink lashes are fast-moving products, and everyone has a high sensitivity to new mink lash strip products and high quality mink lash strip products.

We professional Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink Strip Lashes to USA . Are You Looking For Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors? So China Mink Lashes Factory is The Best Mink Lash Vendor For Your Choose.

3d mink eyelashes vendors wholesale

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Mink fur is usually derived from captivity mink, American mink such minks more for artificial cultivation, hair in the hair length, size, color are average, and then eyelash workers carefully selected the length in 32-35 mm mink fur fall off naturally, and ensure that every hair has maofeng tea, so that we can make a complete mink eyelashes.

Advantage of Mink eyelash

  1. The composition structure of mink hair is close to that of human hair.
  2. Compared with other materials, mink hair is more soft and natural.
  3. Mink hair is highly processable in the later stage, which can achieve the 3D effect of eyelashes.

Why Choose Plumagelash?

1.Real wholesale mink lashes factory in China,we not only can product good lashes product,but we give support and advice to your business.

2.Large inventory to save your money.You do not need to stock a lot of hair,we will take care of it,just take your money on marketing and let us do the stock.

3.Consistent lashes quality,we have a product control team make sure that all the orders are all in the same good quality stan


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3D Mink eyelashes are some of the newest mink lashes on the market and are the recent craze,the handcrafted 3D Mink lashes are of the finest quality when comparing to other lash types,there good reasons for them.3d mink lashes are very pretty and luxurious, they are different from the standard false ” Lashes” or “fiber lashes” in the way they are made and how they look. The design is different, just as 3D is defined: “3D means three-dimensional, ie something with width, height and depth or length “. As far as 3D lashes go, these lashes have a somewhat “layered” or dimensional effect, the lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes giving the lashes a 3D effect and a more voluminous, fluffy the 3D technique looks more attractive on mink lashes. You can tell the difference from 3D Mink lashes and other false lashes. 3D lashes overall tend to be more glamorous, making your eyes larger and more attractive.

3D mink eyelashes are the best choice, it adds an impeccable to your eyes, beautiful life, very simple!

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