Fake eyelashes enhance eyes, especially if they are mink lashes. They are available at plumagelash.com with a wide range to choose from. The packaging can be customized based on the request of the customer.
The eyelashes are handmade. All of the mink fur eyelashes are made by the sterilized cruelty free mink hairs. Each lash is cotton band that is very soft, light but keeps curl for more than one year. They are easy to put on and The real mink eyelashes can be used up to 25-30times with care.
For buyers who are more price-sensitive and animal friendly, there are also faux mink lashes made from synthetic fibers that are designed to imitate mink strands. Compared to mink varieties, they are bold and glossier. Their curl lasts longer but is less uniform. There are a lot of choices of mink lashes from quality to materials. Purchase them now at plumagelash.com.

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