In modern society, ladies began to pay more and more attention to their eye lashes. Thus, to have the most distinct and charming eye lashes become a dream to most ladies. Our eyelash extensions are newly developed product with the state of the art technology and workmanship to help all ladies realize their dream. We only utilize the top quality material for our lash to ensure the lashes are soft and comfortable enough when wearing.

Our lash extensions include many different choices, such as the mink fur lash extensions, sable fur lash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, silk eyelash extensions, flat lashes, groove lashes, rainbow lashes, cocktail lashes, two tone lashes, glitter lashes, parted glitter eyelash extensions, loose lashes, rainbow loose lashes and camellia lashes etc. We also provide one-stop shop and full range of eyelash products including lash glues and tools.

Curl: J, B, C, CC, D, L, L+
Thickness: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.23mm and 0.25mm

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